Tickets Dec. 8-13

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec. 8

Cory W. Elliott, Richards, no proof of insurance.

Patricia L. Johnson, Fort Scott, speeding 27/15.

Dec. 9

Kimberly S. Eldred, Springfield, expired license plates and expired operator's license.

Taylor Quinn Hall, Nevada, expired license plates.

Chelsea A. Hood, Nevada, no license plates.

Robert J. Jadlot Jr., Nevada, expired license plates.

Jeremy B. Zoglmann, Nevada, no license plates.

Dec. 10

Deborah J. Buehler, Nevada, speeding 50/30 and no proof of insurance.

Douglas L. Chadd, Nevada, no city business license.

Benjamin M. Delgado, Nevada, no license plates and expired license plates.

Robert L. Ellifrits Jr., El Dorado Springs, failure to stop at a stop sign, no proof of insurance and failure to transfer plates.

Nicole E. Foreman, Nevada, failure to maintain lane and driving while intoxicated.

Graham B. Gentry, Nevada, speeding 30/15.

Nicholas A. Hawkins, El Dorado Springs, speeding 28/15 and seat belt law.

Eleasha D. Moore, Springfield, speeding 30/15.

Brian D. Thompson, Nevada, speeding 48/30.

Dec. 11

Brittany N. Houchin, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Angel L. Scheer, Nevada, speeding 48/30.

Dec. 12

Shannon C. Burns, El Dorado Springs, driving while suspended.

Leevon K. Grant, Pea Ridge, Ark., speeding 44/30.

Martin D. Redburn, Nevada, speeding 54/40.

Marlene Scotten, Nixa, Mo., expired license plates.

Dalton A. Wessley, Nevada, failure to maintain lane and driving while intoxicated.

Lyman Zebulah Williams, Moundville, speeding 57/40, expired license plates, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated.

Dec. 13

Kenneth M. Arnold, Hot Springs, Ark., failure to stop at a stop sign and drivingwhile suspended.

Georgett M. Collins, Nevada, speeding 43/30 and no child restraint.

Kyle J. Crowe, Hermann, Mo., failure to stop at a stop sign and driving while intoxicated.

Benjamin M. Delgado III, Nevada, no license plates.

Christopher L. Griggs, Nevada, speeding 43/30.

Kent S. Longstreth, Moundville, failure to maintain lane.