Hume schools plan student field trips

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Several trips are being planned for students in the Hume school district. During the March 10 meeting Pam Yarick, Community Teachers Association, told the board after-school MAP tutoring had started for third through eighth graders. A trip to a K.C. Royals games was being planned for those who attend. A schedule has been set up for students to be tutored four weeks for review and posted on the school's Web site.

Yarick also told the board a trip to a Kansas City entertainment complex was being planned for those students who scored advanced or proficient on the MAP/End of Course tests last year.

The principal, Kenny Otto, announced a trip to McGennis Youth Center was being planned for students who miss no more than three days of school, have no more than three detentions and have no in school suspension or out of school suspension the remaining nine weeks of school.

Otto said there would be no softball team due to lack of interest, however, 20 students were interested in baseball, including a few girls. Students placed fourth in the Math Relay and the Science Olympiad had qualified for state competition and would leave March 26 to compete March 27.

Superintendent David Quick reminded the board the April meeting would begin at 8 p.m. Quick said he had been informed a bridge in Vernon County is in bad repair and said school busses could not safely cross it until repairs were made.

Quick said budget concerns meant the state would withhold $14,000 from the district this year and $28,000 next year. He said he would be meeting with superintendents from Vernon County schools to discuss educational concerns with State Representative Barney Fisher and Senator David Pearce.

The district has purchased 20 laptop computers and a storage cart and will be purchasing six exterior mouses for those students not comfortable using the built in pointing devices on the laptops. Additional SRSA money will be used to purchase a smart board in the science room and for Title 1.

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