Letter to the Editor

To the Voters of NEVC R-I School District

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Editor,

To begin with, we are registered voters and patrons of the NEVC R-I School District. A lot of the negative ads you see are paid for and sponsored by people that can not even vote in the upcoming election. The only outcome of the election will be that it will raise their real estate taxes. Do they really care about the NEVC children and their education?

If you are one of the ones who think that the new school is not needed, or is not necessary, visit the old schools either at Schell City or Walker, but give up the idea of saving these schools. Just walk through them and look closely at the repairs that need to be made to the buildings and go on a day when it is cold and the wind is blowing, or it is raining and the walls and ceilings are leaking. You need to then wonder what it would be like to have to sit there and try to learn in those conditions, whether freezing or getting wet. It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to figure out it is going to save a lot of tax dollars in the long run as it would take less propane and electricity in a new building.

Ask the children about the old school. They are excited about having a new school. Ask them. They know where the new school is to built and it is in the middle for everyone, not in the middle of nowhere. That is why that location was selected. Where did that idea come from?

If you do not want to support the community, support the children first. They are the future. How many livable, empty houses do you see in the NEVC School District? If you are going to live in a school district, any school district, you need to support the children of that district! Why, if the schools were good enough for you or your children are they still not good enough to continue to support and educate the children of today and the future?

I know it will raise taxes, but are the children worth it today? Were they worth it when these buildings were built many years ago? Yes!

Now, these buildings have outlived their worth. Vote Yes to get a new school! Help to support the children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews and build a new school for them. Stop and think about the Children of today and the Future! The taxes will be worth it in the long run, or who will tell the children that they are not worth it!

I challenge each and every voter to go to the two old schools and really look them over to see if they are in as bad a shape as everyone says before you vote. I am sure the office will give you a tour. Then, make up your own mind and don't be influenced by the negative ads that we don't need a new school. Make sure to go clear up to the third floor at Walker, all of the stairs. They talk about the gym, look at it carefully also. It needs repair work also.

Also, we attend the Walker Christian Church in Walker and I have heard it stated that the members are against the new school. I know for a fact that several that attend there are not against this proposition so please do not lump all of us into that category. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so allow that, but don't put all of the Walker Christian Church members on the list as against the NEVC School.

Thank you,

Glen and Alberta Hays