Letter to the Editor

Vote no on Prop S -- it is the responsible decision

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Editor,

When confronted with difficult decisions, Benjamin Franklin would divide a paper in half and, with reason, list the pros and cons of a particular choice. My reasons for writing this letter are two-fold: First, to explain the reasons for using the term "parasite" on a sign I posted in my front yard, and thus stop the intrusion into my husband's privacy by those who would condemn him for my actions. Brian Buesing had nothing whatsoever to do with any signs posted, or the views they express. Second, to show that reason, not emotion, should be the guiding force behind the decision to vote "no" for Proposition S.

What follows are the reasons I believe that building a new school at this time is ill-timed and irresponsible. The district has no true architectural drawings on which to base its cost estimates. The estimates they do have are considered to be grossly inadequate to complete such an ambitious project at this time.

The district does not have competitive bids from multiple construction companies. One company has done a "guesstimate" based on incomplete plans.

The stimulus funds from Uncle Sam are no longer available, and the district was using these funds in their project estimates. The district's student population is decreasing and state funding is tied to this.

The district is planning to build this school in the middle of a farm field which has no infrastructure to begin with. When one board member was asked if an environmental impact study had been done to gauge the feasibility of building a new school in this field, he said there had been. No one to date has been able to find evidence of any digging on site, or paperwork reporting the results of this study.

The district has been hoarding money that was meant for repair on existing buildings. State funding is decreasing for all districts as we speak! If this is not an accident waiting to happen, I don't know what is.

This district has a leadership that refuses to see reality and is misleading the taxpayer with inaccurate, incomplete, and downright false information. We already have new taxes on the middle class coming in 2011 for Obama's new health care fiasco, and increases in taxes on the middle class when the Bush tax cuts are not renewed. Now, this board wants to add more taxes to an already overburdened citizenry.

The term "parasite" on my sign was used to reflect the mindset of those who would take our hard-earned money to begin a project which has no sound foundation and is built in a "field of dreams." It is the landowner, the person who has his money in the game, who will be affected. It is easy to vote "yes" for something when you have nothing of your own invested in the outcome.

I believe that the patrons of the NEVC School District are proud of their schools and wish to preserve the environment a smaller enrollment provides. Parents may believe that their children will have more opportunities to shine, that their children will feel safer in a small-school atmosphere, that the teacher-parent relationship will be closer, and that they will have more influence over what occurs in their schools.

However, it is my belief that the NEVC leadership should bring its patrons to the realization that it may be time to consolidate with another district. Imagine the academic opportunities for the children of NEVC that they don't have now. The Nevada R-5 School District has been "Honored With Distinction" by the state of Missouri. You have incredible opportunities to be involved with your child's education and for them to receive a top-notch education ensuring a bright future.

Right now, Nevada R-5's tax rate is $3.757 per $100 valuation. NEVC's tax rate is presently $4.22. With the new tax increase Proposition S will bring, NEVC's tax rate will increase to $5.21 per $100 valuation. This is a difference of $1.46 between the two districts. This difference will force the NEVC district landowner to pay 39 percent more in taxes than Nevada R-5 patrons pay without the benefit of the excellent schools and opportunities the Nevada R-5 School District provides.

I ask the patrons of NEVC to cast their votes based not on emotion, but sound reasoning. Question boldly the evidence on which this district has based its decision to take your hard-earned money. I think you will agree that a "No" vote on August 3" is the only responsible vote to cast.


Angelia Buesing