Tickets July 1-July 23

Saturday, August 7, 2010

July 1

Dustin G. Stafford, Nevada, failure to maintain headlights, failure to maintain lane, driving while intoxicated.

July 11

Andrew G. Fritts, Nevada, leaving the scene of an accident.

July 20

Timothy T. Holt, Nevada, failure to register vehicle.

Stration Hunziker, Fort Scott, speeding 40/30, no proof of insurance, no valid operator's license.

Vicki C. Keys, Nevada, expired license plate.

Julie R. Knight, Rich Hill, failure to maintain headlights, driving while suspended.

Judith A. Watkins, Liberal, failure to stop at stop sign.

Debra E. Wood, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

July 21

Richard K. Bledsoe, Sheldon, expired license plate, no proof of insurance, expired operator's license.

Nicholas M. Green, Nevada, no valid operator's license.

Mary Hyche, Brookwood, Ala., speeding 50/30.

Christopher Donald Jones, Nevada, following too close.

Benjamen McKeehan, Seneca, Mo., borrowed plates/stolen plates.

Lonnie R. Welch, Nevada, loitering.

July 22

Rosalyn M. Beard, Nevada, expired license plate.

Joshua R. Bogart, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Brian G. Defebaugh, Fort Scott, speeding 40/30.

Andrew G. Fritts, Nevada, failure to register vehicle, no proof of insurance.

Samantha G. Rice, Nevada, expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

Cody L. Thomas, Nevada, no license plates.

Brian D. Thompson, Nevada speeding 45/30.

July 23

Ricky A. Alsup, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Cody J. Boyd, Nevada, expired license plate.

Tanya D. Burns, Nevada, speeding 80/70.

Alicia D. Craig, Garland, Kan., speeding 51/40.

Richard D. Hutchings, Salem, Mo., failure to stop at a sto p sign, no proof of insurance.

Tarek S. Khalil, Fort Scott, speeding 40/30.

Lanette A. McInroy, Moundville, excessive window tint.

Mark A. Rives, Nevada, speeding, no proof of insurace.

John A. Rookstool, Nevada, speeding.

Travis D. Smith, Neck City, Mo., expired license plate, driving while revoked.

Andrew R. Stephens, Gladstone, Mo., speeding 45/30.