Letter to the Editor

Enough is enough

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Editor:

For months and months the city of Nevada has been under fire by little red tags appearing in yards citing city ordinances from the grass being too tall, to yard waste, trash, furniture, etc. Now they say they have the right to remove building materials from your yard.

I, Lyndon Eberhard, have possession of property at 924 E. Hickory. Our building inspector informed me that he had bid my yard for cleanup of building material. On Sunday, Aug. 15, somebody stole my building material and cut the weeds on one pile of dirt that I was also informed needed to be taken care of by the city.

When he informed me of the bid, he told me I needed to move my building materials to one pile. I sorted it, as I saw fit, into two piles. He wasn't satisfied.

They took one pile and left the other. The pile they took was stacked on sheets of tin more than 20 feet long. They left the tin, and two glass windows that were on top of the pile of lumber they took. They also left the re-bar laying beside the pile in the grass.

I ask you, when is enough, enough? By any other standard, that would be considered theft. I have photographs of not less than 20 different sites in Nevada, owned by the city, with the same violations, including tall grass on piles of dirt at Lyon Stadium, brush piles by the YMCA, tall weeds and grass on dirt piles and chat, grass growing around old equipment sitting idle at the city golf course, and many more, too numerous to mention in this letter. We have a parks and recreation department for that specific need.

Perhaps if the city concentrated more on their own problems, letters like this wouldn't need to be written. We need accountability within our city government.

Lyndon Eberhard