Tickets August 10-August 16

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 10

Sue C. Ducey, Stockton, speeding 51/40.

Andy E. Kalm, Nevada, speeding 45/30.

Eddie M. Lee, Stockton, speeding 52/40.

August 11

Michael D. Bills, Port St. Lucie, Fla., speeding 44/30, no proof of insurance.

Quentin B. Boykin, Kansas City, Mo., failure to stop at stop sign.

Heath K. Cole, Galena, Kan., driving while suspended.

Kabin L. Eubanks, Nevada, failure to signal.

Joshua Huppe, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Michael A. Jamison, Stockton, failure to maintain lane, driving while intoxicated.

John C. Lindsay, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign, no proof of insurance, expired operator's license.

Kurt L. Strauch, Milo, speeding 44/30.

Sandra L. Tarantino, Nevada, speeding 50/40.

August 12

Scott R. Fox, Nevada, expired license plate.

Amanda R. Johnson, Nevada, dog running at large.

Mattie M. Swanson, Jasper, speeding 45/30.

August 13

Aaron G. Dahmer, Nevada, following too close.

Michael E. Forkner, Richards, Mo., expired license plate.

Norman A. Kenney, Butler, failure to maintain lane, no license plates, no proof of insurance.

Robert C. Majors, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

Ethel I. McCormick, Nevada, failure to maintain lane.

Carla R. McDougal, Moundville, driving too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane, seat belt law, failure to register motor vehicle.

Kurt T. Norman, El Dorado Springs, speeding 67/55.

Kevin J. Sweatt, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

August 14

Warren Dale Braning, Long Lane, Mo., speeding 54/40.

Richard Lee Field, Fair Grove, Mo., speeding 43/30.

Dorothy L. Mitchell, Rich Hill, speeding 51/40.

Timothy L. Smith, Nevada, expired license plate.

August 15

Jacob M. Bell, Walker, speeding 51/40.

Robert M. Crumby, Leavenworth, Kan., speeding 53/40.

Allen T. Davidson, Nevada, derelict vehicle.

Roseann D. Dixon, Pleaston, Kan., speeding 43/30.

Michael L. Emery, Deerfield, expired license plate, driving while suspended.

Lisa A. McDowell, Fort Scott, speeding 40/30.

Burris L. Rader, El Dorado Springs, speeding 42/30.

Angela R. Self, Nevada, failure to register motor vehicle.

David E. Souza, Schell City, expired license plate.

Joshua L. Swait, Nevada, failure to obey reasonable request of an officer.

Kyle S. Taggart, Nevada, expired license plate.

August 16

Cory W. Elliott, Richards, Mo., no proof of insurance, seat belt law.

Edward N. Goodman, Schell City, speeding 70/55.

Rocky W. Herring, Walker, speeding 65/55.

Kayla A. Hooten, Schell City, speeding 70/55.

Theresa A. Littrel, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Raymond J. McBride, El Dorado Springs, driving while revoked, no proof of insurance.

Trevor A. Reese, Nevada, minor in possession of tobacco products, failure to obey police officer.

Zachary K. Roggensees, Bronaugh, speeding.

Anthony J. Sorden, Nevada, speeding 70/55.

John R. Winters II, Nevada, careless and imprudent driving, no proof of insurance.