Tickets August 25-August 28

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

August 25

Jason E. Detienne, Rich Hill, driving while intoxicated.

Aaron B. Dill, Jerico Springs, Mo., expired license plate, no proof of insurance, failure to register vehicle, driving while suspended.

Jacob D. Duncan, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Mellodee A. Fillpot, Rich Hill, no proof of insurance.

Chelsay D'Lyne Lapreze, El Dorado Springs, speeding in a school zone 27/15.

Alesia L. Modglin, Mount Vernon, Mo., expired licensed plate, no proof of insurance, failure to register vehicle, allowing unlicensed person to drive.

Phillip W. Place, Liberty, Mo., speeding 25/15.

James E. White III, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

David M. Winsworth, Nevada, expired license plate, expired operator's license.

August 26

Cody S. Crathorne, Nevada, expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

Lindsay L. Deems, El Dorado Springs, no proof of insurance.

Jeannette Doly, Rich Hill, speeding 32/15, seat belt law.

Larry D. Ferris, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Dorcas E. Gracey-Edwin, Canton, Conn., speeding 43/30.

Edward L. Hallam, Nevada, speeding 30/15.

Ben A. Hueckel, Essex, Mo., excessive window tint.

Helen O. Lynch, Springfield, Mo., speeding 50/40.

Douglas A. Ryan, Nevada, excessive window tint, no proof of insurance.

Karen M. Short, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Katlyn B. Short, Nevada, speeding 25/15.

Timothy L. Smith, Nevada, expired license plate.

Zackary N. Smith, Nevada, derelict vehicle.

Jay Taylor, Nevada, speeding in a school zone 27/15.

Steven S. Vignolo, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Frank J. Wadle, Nevada, excessive window tint.

August 27

Mayleen Johnson, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Mark D. Loomer, Nevada, failure to maintain lane, driving while intoxicated.

Justin L. Meyer, Nevada, excessive window tint.

David E. Reaves, El Dorado Springs, expired license plate.

August 28

Jacklyn R. Burress, Joplin, excessive window tint.

Bella C. Dalley, St. Ignatius, Mont., speeding 41/30.

Kyle D. Hughes, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Shane A. Langford, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Teresa A. Mann, Nevada, failure to register vehicle, driving while revoked, no proof of insurance.

Hailee N. Miller, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Anthony Wayne Payton, Nevada, excessive window tint.

Ritchie E. Stanfield, Nevada, no license plates, no proof of insurance.

Bradley C. Wilson, Nevada, failure to register vehicle.