Letter to the Editor

The city should meet the same nuisance codes as everyone else

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Editors note: This letter was received about two weeks ago and some of the items mentioned have already been corrected.

Dear Editor:

A couple weeks ago I wrote you a letter saying "Enough is Enough" concerning the city's red signs all over town. Since then, I have received a new red sign and reluctantly complied, unlike the city. I drew attention to the golf course already. Please also notice the right of way at the skate park (everyone else on Ash street is expected to mow their yard up to the street), the Lyons baseball diamond. The city of Nevada owns this property and last time I checked, the property owner receives a bill on his taxes if his/her property is not maintained. Also notice the YMCA brush piles, underneath the overpass there's a white sign with a deadline for Aug. 2 and the property on east Maple the city has been using as a landfill for the last several months.

The city posts code violations on state right-of-ways and county properties such as the former county jail. Obviously everyone is expected to keep their properties up to the requirements of city code. The city should be expected to operate within the same codes. We have to have accountability in our city government.

I, Lyndon Eberhard will be accepting bids to bring these properties up to code. History has proven, once the lion knows how strong he is, he cannot be controlled. We the people are the lion and as Mike Huckabee so eloquently put it, Americans' most powerful freedom is to the right to criticize it's own government.

Lyndon Eberhard