Letter to the Editor

Why is NEVC education not for the children of administrators and teachers?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why is NEVC education not for the children of administrators and teachers?

Dear Editor:

A review of the 35 teachers and administrators at NEVC shows that only six are registered voters living within the district. The accepted policy of reciprocating school districts is that children of employees can attend without paying out of district tuition. We are led to believe that NEVC can offer everything that a student needs to succeed. It would seem that those out of district administrators and teachers would be the first to see that their children should attend NEVC since they would not be paying tuition. Are any of these out of district administrators or teachers taking advantage of the opportunity to send their children to NEVC?

Many concerned voters have questioned why NEVC Superintendent Naas' children and Principal Ogburn's children attend school in other districts. Perhaps they share Crystal Burch's opinion in her Aug. 28, letter to the editor (El Dorado Springs Sun). She stated "A larger district simply has access to a different range of services and income." Mrs. Burch is a NEVC resident and voter who chose to leave a NEVC teaching position to take a teaching position at Nevada R-5 School. She also chose to send her children to Nevada R-5 School. Maybe we need to give all of our children the same access to a more advanced curriculum, more activities, safe, well-kept buildings and a greater number of teachers who are certified in areas of study.

A review of the NEVC staff shows only one teacher for high school mathematics and one teacher for science. How can only two teachers effectively develop lesson plans and teach such a broad subject matter that requires constant application and study, such as agebra 1 and 2, analytical geometry, trigonometry and even calculus? Are the various levels of biology, chemistry, physics and other natural sciences effectively taught? If so, why do NEVC educators and administrators, who know the importance of education, choose not to send their children to NEVC?

I have read comments lately about the loss of community identity through annexation. We need to remember that less than six months ago, the NEVC school board, administration and supporters were ready and willing to pull the school out of both communities.

NEVC voters must consider what the focus of public education should be. The student is the focus and should be provided the best educational opportunity. NEVC ballot issues with huge tax increases have been defeated numerous times. Transportation funding has been cut by the state. Remodeling plans will result in future tax increases. Voters need to look to the future and see that combining assets at a lower tax rate is the ONLY answer to keep public education affordable for all.

Most prospective businesses and residents first look for a quality school district at an affordable tax rate before choosing to invest in a community. Perhaps this is the reason that current NEVC staff choose to educate their children in other school districts.


Greg Wortman

Concerned Voter for Annexation

Editors note: The Daily Mail contacted Mr. Ogburn to verify the information about his children and he responded: "Where my children attend school has nothing to do with the issue of annexation, but since the question has been asked by someone obviously trying to degrade the school system, my children attend school where my wife teaches."