Practical nursing capping ceremony held

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
The 47th practical nursing class at Nevada Regional Technical Center held its capping ceremony Dec. 17. Members are: front row, left to right, Brandi Hood, Shauna Burdick, Chelsay LaPreze, Heather Davis and Tyria Thoreson; middle row, Kyra Jones, Tiffany Mitchell, Sheena Brooks, Kalinda Daniels, Bethany Millman, Ashley McConnaughey, Darcy Hawkins and Stacy Geritz; back row, Bobby Bourne, Susan Keene, Sharone Foreman, Nina White, Monica Whitham, Carole Reed, Crystal Hancock and Bryan Teeman. Kiianna Pettit/Portraits by Pettit

The Nevada School of Practical Nursing class No. 47 held a traditional capping ceremony on Friday Dec. 17, at 6:30 p.m., at the Nevada High School auditorium.

Special guests: Ms Teresa Stark, director of Nevada Regional Technical Center, Janis Collins, director of adult education and Tammy Hendren, guidance counselor for the Nevada Regional Technical Center. Also, in attendance Neoma Foreman, representing the Gideons. She spoke on the tradition of the nurse's Bible and had available a nurse's Bible for each student who wished to receive one. Class officers were also introduced: Class president Crystal Hancock, class vice president Bobby Bourne, class secretary Bryan Teeman and class treasurer Sharon Foreman.

Nursing student Sheena Brooks spoke on the history of capping and Hancock addressed each student, adding a special touch to the ceremony, and Foreman recited the "Nurses Capping Prayer."

Instructors Johnna Boch, RN, BSN and Beth Neth, RN, BSN assisted in the ceremony along with Joanna Perkins, RN, BSN, practical nursing coordinator.

The ceremony was started with the nursing students walking in along with their instructors to the stage where Perkins welcomed the audience and special guests. She addressed the nursing students and ladies and gents and told them that this capping ceremony represents the end of their introductory phase of nursing education and the beginning of the clinical phase.

Perkins talked about how Florence Nightingale brought about the nursing cap to bring professionalism into nursing and the class No. 47 wanted to carry on that tradition. She also told the nursing students that the cap represents an important place in the nursing history and that she hopes the students will keep the rich history of nursing in their hearts as they begin the practice of nursing. She also went on to say that they have successfully completed the necessary courses this past 17 weeks with more than 600 hours and have proven themselves worthy representatives of receiving one of the noblest items of the nursing profession: the cap. She congratulated the students on their success so far and noted that all the instructors are looking forward to their clinical rotation.

After Perkins addressed the students, Boch and Neth joined in with the presentation of the caps. After all 21 students were capped, the students were congratulated by family and friends along with their instructors.

As the ceremony was closing, Perkins addressed the students that the cap or bar that they received is a symbol of service to humankind, its' also a "symbolic status." Florence Nightingale was the first nursing theorist, and is said to have followed these principles: "cleanliness, fresh air, good food, rest, sleep and exercise." Perkins then lighted a candle, saying, "As I light this candle, I want you to remember this: be mindful, observant and receptive in giving special considerations to the needs, desires and comfort of your patients along with the principles set forth by Florence Nightingale." As the students each lighted their candle the lights were dimmed and Perkins added these remarks after all candles were lit: "Nursing Students as you start your journey in clinical education-may the light of this candle keep your path bright."

At the end of the statement the students exited the auditorium with the candles lighting the way.

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