Milo man brings bridge concern to county officials

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A bridge that has fallen into disrepair, change orders to a planned bridge project and of course, the details of the 2011 budget were highlights of the Vernon County Commission meeting in its offices on the second floor of the court house on Tuesday

Mike Smith of Milo came into the office to speak to the commission about the bridge on 1825 Road just south of Milo. Smith told the commissioners that the approach to the bridge had washed out and the road is very rough because the fine gravel of the approach had been washed into the ditch along the roadway. Smith said the rock left on the road was really big and hard on vehicles.

Commissioners and Smith discussed some of the options that might be available to address the situation and whether it is the county's responsibility or that of Drywood Township, which depends on whether the problem s with the approach to the bridge that's a county responsibility, or farther into the road, which would make it a township responsibility. Once it was determined that it was most likely the county's work, the commission thanked Smith for bringing it to their attention and said the only way they can learn about such things is if someone brings them the information. The commissioners told Smith they would get down there and take a look at the bridge, before deciding how to effect the needed repairs.

The commission finished out the day by meeting with Sheriff Ron Peckman and working more on the county budget which will be available for public inspection in the commission's office on Friday, Jan. 14.

In other business, the commission met with a representative of the Harrington and Cortelyou Inc. engineering firm.

Mark Huck, a project manager for the firm, met with the commission because he felt that it was important to meet with them face to face in order to have them sign a change order for a bridge project that is pending. The change order added contractors to the sub contractors list already on file for the project. The commission hopes to begin the project to replace a bridge just east of Richards, as soon as possible.

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