Wax Museum: Students interpret history in pairs

Thursday, May 12, 2011
Ryan Ferris portrays William Alexander Abbot, while Asher Dicello portrays Louis Francis Costello. The backdrop behind them illustrates the comedy team's famous "Who's on First" routine.

Students in Nevada Middle School's accelerated classes presented "Dynamic Duos: A parade of Pairs," May 10 and 11, at the school.

It's the annual "Wax Museum," a project in which the students choose a character from the annals of history, research the life and times of that person, and create a costume and presentation based on that character in the form of a speech, backdrop of related materials and more. Students spent three weeks working on their presentations.

Organizers said the format was changed somewhat this year, to allow the students more room.

Accelerated science teacher Angie Landoll noted another difference in this year's event -- "We have more accents this year than we had before," she said.

Several of the students said they enjoyed many aspects of the Wax Museum project.

Payton Dahmer and Skyler Crews portrayed Wilbur and Orville Wright, respectively; Payton said of the project, "It's a lot of work."

Shayna Meisenheimer portrayed Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, who wore trousers under her dresses. Shayna enjoyed creating the costume for her character.

Cheyenne Brewer, left, portrays Sarah Ferguson, while Maria Campos portrays Princess Diana. Maria said she liked learning that the Princess of Wales had helped people who suffered from AIDS.

In addition to Landoll, teachers involved were: Amy Smith, accelerated English; Erin McCullough, accelerated social studies; and Amy Hertzberg, library media specialist.

"I got you, babe." Chance Mays, as Sonny Bono, quipped the classic line from the duet by Bono and Cher, who was portrayed by Carly Greer.
Photos by Jennifer Hancock/Special to the Daily Mail. Characters portrayed by Nevada Middle School students in the annual Wax Museum ranged from scientists to performers to activists to infamous criminals. From left to right are Mikayla Bartlett as Margaret Thatcher, Emma Denman as Madeleine Albright, Alivia Conner as Rosa Parks. Macey Newton as Coretta Scott King, Hunter Lukenbill as Clyde Barrow and Hannah Householder as Bonnie Parker. Also participating were Morgan McNeley as Josephine de Beauharnais, Tanner Handly as Napoleon Bonaparte, Maddie Hedges as Sojourner Truth, Sonny Strong as Harriet Tubman, Travis Woody as General Robert E. Lee, Max Daniel as General Ulysses S. Grant, Elizabeth Prewitt as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Michaela Brewer as Susan B. Anthony, Shelby Gundy as Clara Barton, Shayna Meisenheimer as Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, Candice Stone as Belle Starr, Meagan Day as Calamity Jane, Tristan Smith as Pierre Curie, Abbie Landoll as Marie Curie, Cara Comstock as Annie Oakley, Maddie Johnson as Lillian Smith, Regan Christie as Anna Maria Robinson Moses, Crystal Miller as Georgia O'Keeffe, Payton Dahmer as Wilbur Wright, Skyler Crews as Orville Wright, Taylor Manes as Ira Gershwin, andrew Quitno as George Gershwin, Dena Justus as Patsy Cline, Gabby Gire as Loretta Lynn, Kailey Couch as Carol Burnett and Jennifer Mosbrucker as Vicki Lawrence.
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