They don't fly, they don't fight -- they bring kindness

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Nevada Superhero of Kindness in Chief, Phil Burres, helps a younger member of his band get ready for their first mission.

No one knows where or when they will strike or what their next mission will be but rest assured that the Nevada Superheroes of Kindness will be on the road again in an act of kindness.

It's December and cold outside so first 4-year-old Allison Olson dons her pink coat and then the most important piece of equipment for a superhero -- her cape.

Erica Skouby was their first -- she will not be their last.

Superheroes of Kindness on the march hand-in-hand to their first mission.
Phil Burres presents Erica Skouby, Nine Patch Quilt, a framed Thank You, complete with a couple of pictures of the Superheroes of Kindness in their capes, for donating all of the material and thread to make their capes. They sang her several Christmas carols and headed home to get ready for their next mission.
Erica Skouby thanking the Nevada Superheroes of Kindness for the certificate.
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