Students visit Barcelona museum, market

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Editor's note: Second-year students have gone on an educational trip to Barcelona, Spain. Cottey College Public Information Officer Steve Reed is sharing the experience with the Nevada Daily Mail's readers in daily accounts, in the form of letters back home. Here's what happened on Day 3:

Hola, Mama! Today was the first day for educational modules. Dyke Kiel and I were taking a group of 19 students to the Frederic Mares museum. Mares was a well-known Catalonian sculptor who was also an avid collector of art and everyday objects. Today we would call him a hoarder, but he did have an amazing collection. Dyke and I picked out 11 pieces of art or artists in advance and asked students to pair up and research one of the questions before the trip. In the museum, the students had to find their art work and report on it to the group. I am so proud of the work they did, Mama. All of the students were well prepared and did an excellent job. We have such smart students at Cottey.

When you are bringing a large group like this to a museum, it's advisable to have an advance reservation. We did, but when you reserve a group, you pay one fee for the whole group, they don't let each individual person pay. I put the whole admission fee on my credit card and asked the students to pay me. The fee was 2.40 euros each. In Europe there are no 1 euro€ bills, they have coins for 1 and 2 euros. So you can imagine how many coins I received from 19 people. I need a bigger pocket!

After the module was over, Dyke, Becky, Paul Cook and I went to a little take-away sandwich shop. We got sandwiches and sodas and sat in the plaza in front of the cathedral to enjoy our lunch in the sunshine. The weather here has been incredible -- bright and sunny with afternoon highs in the 60s.

After lunch, Paul and I walked down toward the port. We found a bicycle rental place and each rented a bike for the afternoon. We stopped at a small market to pick up some treats and headed off down the boardwalk. We rode for a bit and then picked out a nice spot on the beach to enjoy snacking and watching the ocean roll in.

After visiting for a bit, we took off east down the boardwalk on our bikes. We saw the aquarium, and interestingly enough, passed a Mexican restaurant. I don't know why, but it struck us both as funny to see a Mexican restaurant in Spain.

After we returned the bikes, Paul and I walked to the large market known as the Bouqueria. It's like a giant farmers market with all kinds of fruit, veggies, and meats for sale. There are also several tapas places in the back. After all that bike riding, we were hungry again. It seems like all we do is eat, but the food is so good. Paul got more paella while I had a falafel pita. Yum!

Around 7:30, a large group was heading out to the local pubs to watch Barcelona play soccer, or futbal, as they call it in Europe. Barcelona is one of the best teams in Europe and won the championship series last year. The people here are crazy about their team, so it was quite the lively evening when the game was on. We got to see history made last night, too, when Lionel Messi scored five goals in the game for Barcelona. It was the first time one man has scored five goals in league championship history, and we saw it. Well, on TV anyway. But, hey, we were in Barcelona the night it happened.

That's most of the excitement from here. One of our guides, Luis, is from Barcelona, and he is a very happy man this morning after the game last night. Tomorrow we are off to Montserrat, the monastery in the Mountains.

Your loving son,


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