Tickets June 28-July 4

Friday, July 13, 2012

June 28

Nathan A. Strickland, Nevada, trespassing.

June 29

Jared C. Brudige, Nevada, expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

Heather M. Humphrey, Nevada, improper backing.

Debra K. Mantonya, Stockton, Mo., failure to register vehicle.

Andrew M. Stoddard, Stockton, Mo., no license plates.

June 30

Richard D. Brown, Milo, Mo., sale of alcohol to minor.

Donald E. Crabtree, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Tyler J. Edwards, Nevada, failure to transfer plates.

Melissa D. Ott, Nevada, expired license plate.

July 1

Gwen L. Sawyer, Nevada, expired license plate.

July 2

Haden T. Gentry, Bartow, Ga., expired license plate.

Mark A. Mott, El Dorado Springs, Mo., driving while suspended.

Mark E. Rogers, El Dorado Springs, Mo., careless and imprudent driving.

July 3

Brian A. Adams, Kaiser, Mo., failure to stop at stop light.

Norma N. Blvin, Nevada, failure to yield right of way.

Samantha A. Drake, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Kendall R. Vickers, Nevada, expired license plate.

July 4

Linda K. Anderson, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Danielle M. Black, Nevada, failure to register vehicle.

Amanda R. Cartwright, Nevada, speeding 43/30, no child restraint.

Kami S. (Enochs) Shepherd, Sheldon, Mo., no license plates, no proof of insurance, driving while suspended.