Some things can change

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hi neighbors. The heat continues. However I did hear it on the roof and ran out to see falling rain early Thursday morning. I quickly put the dog out so he could see this rare atmospheric event. I was afraid he had forgotten what rain was.

He enjoyed it -- running around trying to catch the drops on his tongue and rolling in the damp grass.

Unfortunately, damp grass is about all it amounted to after all the hope. It was such a good rain -- slow and steady downfall with no lightning or tornadoes. It seems we have to have Mother Nature get into a fit before any precipitation these days.

We need to get the Pow Wow back in town. That always produced rain.

By the time the dog needed to go out again the much needed and too-quickly dried up rain had stopped.

I recall one day last week there was rain on the highways when I returned from Joplin. The puddles along the shoulders of the roads got smaller the farther north I traveled and Nevada itself only had spotty areas of puddles across town.

At least we can now believe the clouds above Vernon County have not forgotten how to produce rain.

Starting Monday I will be expected to maintain my body and mind on a very limited diet in preparation for a medical event that will occur within three weeks of starting what has to be one of the most horrific diets in the known world.

The diet limits iodine. Not salt, just iodine. Unfortunately iodine is included in a lot of prepared foods. For example things I cannot have include most prepared foods including bread, milk products and any processed meats. I can only have egg whites. No fish or sea foods of any type. No canned soups or vegetables.

I can have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. However most fresh vegetables require cooking to suit my tastes and, well, I don't cook much.

I have recently enjoyed watching some cooking shows on television while confined to home. These shows help ease the guilt pains of not actually doing any cooking myself.

Since cooking is not my favorite practice I anticipate a lot of Irish cooking -- boiling everything together in one pot and serving it day after day until it is all gone -- while on this iodine exclusion diet.

Once I start back to work I will have to get more creative. Thank goodness for the Farmers Market! I anticipate baked squash, fresh cucumbers and melons and ripe tomatoes! I do not think I'll wait another week to get started on those to supplement my meat and potatoes stews.

My poor son will probably have to come up with ways to suit his own tastes, although he is seldom home for meals these days.

The dog and cat will remain indifferent to my eating habits as usual. The dog will actually have more reason to beg for bites as the meals will contain more meat than usual.

When we are younger we fail to grasp the complications of health issues and how even the most common health problems can cause great tribulation in otherwise tranquil lives.

Most of us can blame our own indifference to healthier lifestyles while younger for the majority of our current health problems. If you are in your 30s and have not been taking time to care for your own health needs you had best start a "re-do" on your lifestyle.

I know it is difficult to imagine your body turning traitor on you, but it will if you don't form a good working partnership with it early. Most people seem to think that if their body is showing no problems, they don't have anything to worry about. Well, worry about the future.

At 30 it seems impossible to imagine yourself going to the doctor every week for problems you might face at age 60. But the writing is on the wall friends. If you don't know what a healthy lifestyle includes; do some research. You'll find that you need to exercise more, eat smarter and get some annual medical tests done.

You have heard this a million times and ignored it a million times. Start paying attention. I didn't at age 30 and now I regret my own stubborn insistence that all was well. Take care. Trust me; the world will always need healthy folks over 60 to keep the "whippersnappers" in line.