Sheriff's Reports July 11-July 12

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 11

Michael Elliott was arrested for third-degree assault. Bond is $5,000.

Billy Fahnestock was released on bond.

Donna Geer was released on bond.

Jeremy Hensley was released on a furlough.

Mark Newill was released on bond.

Lance Whaley was released on $120 bond.

July 12

Greggory Grant was arrested for distribution/manufacturing/ producing or attempt to possess with intent to distribute a synthetic narcotic. Bond is $100,000.

Eunice Menego was arrested for theft. Bond is $5,000.

Benjamin Janes was arrested for failure to appear. Bond is $214.

Dorthy Francis was arrested for passing bad checks. Bond is $575.

Anna Thomas was arrested for stealing. Bond is $500.

Mark Allen was released to St. Clair County.

Merrill Allison was released to St. Clair County.

Jessy Breinling was released for time served.

Clint Carney was released on probation.

Melanie Foley was released for time served.

Kimberly Foulk was released on bond.

Yale Gilkey was released on bond.

Bryan Judd was released for time served.

Aleda Rickey was released on bond.

Stephen Romesburg was released to Rich Hill Police Department.

Randy Taber was released to Callaway County.

Walter West was released on $500 bond.

Ethan York was released for time served.

Timothy McCullick was released on $271.27 bond.