Grandma's fall

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A couple of weeks ago my 9-year-old grandson went to spend a few days with his grandmother in Satanta, Kan.

While he was there she was putting some medicine in a cupboard in the bathroom and she pulled over a chair to reach a high shelf. He was in the other room when she lost her balance and attempted to stop her fall by grabbing an open cupboard door. The next thing, she landed on the floor, hitting her shoulder and her head.

He heard her hit the floor and went in to find her semi-conscious with her nose bleeding. He helped her get up, took her to a chair and got her a washrag to help stop the bleeding from her nose.

The grandson then went to the phone and called her daughter, a physical therapist, who lives a few miles away, and left a message saying, "Grandma has fallen and she's hurt."

He didn't realize that the message went into an answering machine. A few minutes later the daughter, who was already on her way over to see her mom, called and he said, "Did you get my message, Aunt Kim?" She said, "No." After he explained what happened, she told him to have her stay in that chair and don't let her get up and she would be there as quick as she could. Within a short time she arrived.

One of the first things the grandson said to his aunt was, "I did like you said. She wanted to go to the bathroom but I told her she couldn't go."

All of this resulted in a trip to the emergency room, lots of tests and an overnight stay at the hospital to make sure everything was OK. The good news is there were no broken bones and the last word is Grandma is on the mend.