Architects update R-5 board on school construction projects

Friday, August 10, 2012

By Ralph Pokorny

Nevada Daily Mail

While no physical work is under way on the Nevada High School construction project, a lot of decisions are being made and preliminary work is going on that will lead to a mid- to late-September groundbreaking for the new performing arts center and multi-purpose building.

Raymond Braswell, corporate architect with Crossland Construction -- the R-5 District's construction management firm -- told the Nevada R-5 School Board Wednesday evening that as of July 31, the conceptual estimate for all the projects is about $4,993,978, which is about $93,000 below their initial estimate.

"We really need to know what is critically important to you," Braswell said.

In addition to the construction of a new performing arts center and a multi-purpose building, the projects include repairs to the roof on Wynn Gym and repairs to the high school's tennis court.

In response to a question, Braswell told the board their estimate for the multi-purpose building includes using a synthetic floor instead of a wood floor.

Aaron Hight, the on-site construction manager for the project, told the board that a "ballpark figure would be 50 percent for using synthetic flooring, versus wood flooring,"

Braswell told the board the actual savings would probably be less than 50 percent, since their estimate was calculated with figures for using the best available synthetic flooring.

"The basketball coaches want wood," Braswell said, adding that they have only seen the older varieties of synthetic flooring, not the new, state-of-the-art flooring that is now available.

Tyson Beshore, assistant superintendent, told the board that since they need to make a decision quickly, he would arrange for himself, the basketball coaches and athletic director Kevin McKinley to visit some area schools with the modern synthetic basketball floor.

"Just so it's not carpet. I'm adamantly opposed to carpet," board member Amanda Fisher said.

Beshore told the board that work on replacing the roof on Wynn Gymnasium is scheduled to begin Aug. 20 and should take between 20 and 30 days to complete.

"It won't affect any night volleyball games. We might have one day without PE," he said.

Most days at least one half of the gym will be available for physical education classes.

Hight told the board that the architects are about two days from completing the drawings for the performing arts center.

Since the performing arts building will be used for community as well as school activities, Braswell suggested the district would "want something other than school bathrooms."

However, before they can start work on the new buildings, the parking lot on the north side of Ashland will need to be completed, since the buildings are to be constructed on the location of two parking lots.

In other business the board:

* Voted 4-0 to amend the budget to add $7,000 to demolish two vacant houses the district has.

* Voted 4-0 to appoint Steve Cubbage as the district's enhanced enterprise zone representative.

* Voted 4-0 to accept the resignations from Laena Wiegel, Bryan custodian; and Linda Gower, high school secretary.

* Voted 4-0 to approve hiring: David Thompson as high school assistant football coach; Mary Hymer as high school secretary; Melanie Boyd as high school lunch cashier; Melissa Sumner as Heartland paraprofessional; and Tom Perry as high custodian.

* Voted 4-0 to approve the transfer of Shan Lanham from high school custodian to Bryan custodian.

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