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Friday, July 1, 2016

Back into the swing of things

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hi neighbors. Only a couple more weeks and the writers' group I belong to should get back into full swing. We've all taken the summer off and by the last week of August we should all be ready to jump back into our weekly meetings. The time and place will be announced next week.

Again, it is very much a laid back writers' group. All writing assignments are voluntary and each writer participates only as the rest of their commitments allows. The floor is always open to any person with something to share. Comments by other members are kind and constructive.

The purpose of the group is more inspiration than getting any copy ready for sale. Most in the group do not plan on selling their work. They write for the fun of writing, to share their thoughts with their children or to make good notes about family genealogy.

The group is always open to new members and anyone interesting in joining us is welcome. Just e-mail me at nancymalcom@sbcglo-bal.net and I'll let you know more about the next meeting.

Of course, school will be starting any day now. I'll bet most students can't wait to get back to those hallowed halls of learning. The first day of school is always special. In an elementary school there is that distinctive smell of new workbooks, glue and crayons that hits you as soon as you walk in the door. I think we all remember that smell!

The higher grades still have that new book smell.

One smell gone from schools, but not from my memory, is that of the mimeograph ink. Remember having to learn to type out a stencil? One mistake and you were done for. The ink was always blue. Mostly only tests were printed out. Everything else, like announcements of PTA meetings or notes parents had to sign and return to school, were all hand written by the teachers.

Now, notes are typed on computers, printed off by the hundreds and, more often than not, forgotten before the complete delivery cycle is fulfilled.

Teachers are certainly a rare and wondrous group of people, followed closely by all the other staff that work in schools everywhere. They deserve all of the kudos and pay raises they can get.

I miss hearing the band practice every morning. I can't hear them from this side of town.

I do not miss the twice daily traffic jams as buses, parents in cars picking up students and students walking down the streets flood Hickory, Ashland and Ash streets. All a part of the school day in Nevada and across America, I suppose.

This column will be a little short this week, mainly because I've been ill and also because I've been told it gets a little too long to read out loud to those who can no longer read themselves.

Until the next time, friends, remember to enjoy the wee bit cooler weather and don't forget to pack a good lunch.

Nancy Malcom
The Third Cup