Tickets Aug. 29-Sept. 10

Friday, September 14, 2012

August 29

Christopher DeSpain, Nevada, expired license plate, failure to maintain lane, no valid operator's license, driving while intoxicated.

Mark A. Rives, Nevada, burning while burn ban was in effect.

September 4

Winona L. Hyder, Bronaugh, Mo., expired license plate.

September 5

Madison J. Preheim, Hot Springs, S.D., careless and imprudent driving-drag racing.

Cory A. Steele, Nevada, careless and imprudent driving-drag racing.

September 6

Rachel Ann Dade, Nevada, expired temporary tag.

Wesley L. Goodbody, Girard, Kan., speeding 25/15, no proof of insurance.

Stephen D. Meinershagen, Nevada, expired license plate.

Tiffany L. Moore, Joplin, Mo., speeding 25/15.

Dalyn K. Schmidt, Deerfield, Mo., speeding 25/15.

Charles W. Stone, El Dorado Springs, Mo., speeding 26/15.

Debra G. Stone, El Dorado Springs, Mo., speeding 27/15.

Kelly M. Vanhorn, Stockton, Mo., speeding 25/15.

Shelby D. Wisner, Osceola, Mo., speeding 27/15.

September 7

Anthony M. Charles, Richards, Mo., speeding 25/15.

Renae L. Gordon, Lamar, Mo., speeding 30/15, driving while suspended.

Ashley M. Sanning, Sheldon, Mo., expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

Jennifer S. Shepherd, Nevada, speeding 25/15.

Tyler J. Vance, Nevada, speeding 28/15.

September 8

Ronald D. Conner, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Robert W. Fearnow, Nevada, dog running at large.

Allen Lee Foulk, El Dorado Springs, Mo., expired license plate.

Jason D. White, Nevada, driving while intoxicated, speeding 44/30.

September 9

Tyler E. Cage, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Jennifer R. Greenlee, Nevada, speeding 47/30.

Christopher M. Race, Nevada, failure to signal, driving while revoked, driving while intoxicated.

September 10

Nicole M. Blum, Nevada, speeding 26/15.

Devin E. Crouch, Nevada, speeding 27/15.

Lesli A. Fletcher, Rich Hill, Mo., speeding 27/15.

Dakota E. Redburn, El Dorado Springs, Mo., expired license plate.

Samantha D. Scott, Nevada, speeding 30/15.

Nash E. Smalley, Amoret, Mo., speeding 46/30.

Alicia D. Wiggans, Nevada, speeding 28/15.