Letter to the Editor

Where is the voter suppression?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

This letter is in response to the editorial titled, "The roots of voter suppression," by Ron Carver in the Oct. 5 edition of the Daily Mail. Merely looking at the writers credentials which are: a former field organizer for the student non-violent coordinating committee and current associate fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies, both far left organizations warns readers up front that what they are going to read is far left cant.

Mr. Carver uses up seven paragraphs describing real and reprehensible voter suppression against African Americans following passage of the 15th Amendment up through the decade of the '60s and then tries to equate that activity with the current common sense movement to require voter ID.

Mr. Carver says that the burden of proof is on those who advocate for voter ID and that no one should be allowed to hide behind unsubstantiated and often refuted claims of fraud. I can make a substantial and provable claim of voter fraud in one word, ACORN. A very cursory Google search of voter fraud turned up 35 cases of voter fraud by ACORN, including four cases in Missouri.

One could and should turn the table on Mr. Carver and ask, where is your proof of any substantial and provable voter suppression due to voter ID? Perhaps Mr. Carver should limit his opinion pieces to publications read primarily by the gullible left.

Jerry Wadel

Richards, Mo.