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Friday, May 6, 2016

Where is my rocker?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

OK. Now I am a great-great-grandmother. I have passed several decades of age. I can remember when Radio Springs brought many people to Nevada for recreation and relaxation. I can even remember when Farm and Home Savings and Loan had a beautiful lawn/garden at the corner of South Ash and Austin. I have voted for or against presidents in more than 10 elections. So it seems that I should have reached the age where I could just sit and rock for a spell.

It hasn't happened. Maybe it's my fault that I keep wanting to stick my nose in what's going on in town, in my neighborhood and in my family. If I could watch the combine going down the road without wondering which soybean field is being harvested today, I could just sit and wait to find out later. But then I wouldn't be the first to be able to tell others what has happened today.

This week I have two doctor appointments. Neither of them is for me, but I am the wheels to get another family member to the clinic. Next week it will be my turn at the eye doctor in Fort Scott. But a couple more are for others.

Of course this Friday I will be busy doing the one thing I am capable of to help the United Methodist Women's bazaar. I will be peeling potatoes for the soup and pie luncheon that will be served on Saturday.

So naturally I will go to the bazaar both on Friday evening somewhere between 5 and 7 to be the first at a chance for some of the really great things and again on Saturday after 8:00 a.m.

I especially want to get something for the two youngest members of our family. One is a 1-year-old great-grandson who lives in Texas. The other is our newborn great-great-granddaughter who lives right here in Nevada. But I want each of them to have something from the bazaar to keep up a tradition I started years ago.

But my mother was really big on not showing preference to one child over another, so I probably will have to get something for the other eleven great grandchildren too, even though most of them received something when they were babies. But they may not remember that.

Maybe some of the knitted garments could be used. Everyone needs a scarf or a hat this winter.

I know I want to buy a Christmas wreath in the Christmas room. I left the one I had last year on the door so long it can't be used this year. I took it down just before Easter!

And I really hope to be able to buy either a pie or a cake. Since I didn't make any of them to donate this year I know they will all be good. I can help out by buying one anyway. I love to visit the Tea Room several times. Even just looking at all the goodies makes me hungry for the soup luncheon.

I'll be tired when this week is over, but not nearly as tired as those who have really worked on things. I just drove the car, pulled out my check book, and tried to get in on everything. Oh yes, I did peel some of the potatoes.

But I didn't spend a single minute in a rocking chair -- not even with the new baby.

Carolyn Gray Thornton
Middle Age Plus