Letter to the Editor

Hurrying causes wreck

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Editor:

A Nevada police car, running with red lights and siren activated, ran a red light while southbound at Osage and Austin boulevards hitting three vehicles that were west bound. The only place for the police car to go was to turn east, left, on Austin.

The policewoman was headed to Wal-Mart where a possible person was possibly armed. Well, she never made it. In fact the wreck she caused tied up two other police vehicles working the four vehicle accident she caused.

Now these officers cannot respond to other possible emergencies. If you pass through that intersection where the wreck happened at 40 mph (maximum speed without wrecking) going from South Osage to East Austin without stopping, as opposed to stopping, checking traffic, then continuing, you will save about 11 seconds.

To try to save 11 seconds this officer could have killed someone including herself.

According to the chief of police she had every right to run the red light according to her emergency call. By the same theory I can drive 70 mph on 71 Highway as that is the legal speed limit. If it is snowing or icy common sense tells me to slow down and maybe save a life including my own. Emergency vehicles wrecked along side the highway are of no good to anyone including the person being accosted by the possible armed bad guy.

Nevada taxpayers will now have to buy a new police car, replace the car of the driver she hit and pay for any damages to the two motorcycles.

Don Adams