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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

See you at the polls!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hi neighbors. The spooks, ghosts, hobgoblins, werewolves, vampires and all other such things have been laid to rest again for another year. They have had enough chocolate, apples, oranges, popcorn balls and various types of chewing gum, and other candies to fill their ravenous little tummies for now. The streets are safe again. Well, as safe as they were pre-Oct. 31, at least.

Now, all we have to fear is being late for church Nov. 4 or late for work Nov. 5 or the Nov. 6 set of spooks. This year, the real scares didn't come to visit on Oct. 31.

At least we will have Nov. 7 through Jan. 1 to celebrate, or move across one border or another. I have heard neither Canada nor Mexico is as easy to get into as they are to get out of. Canada only accepts rich people and neither presidential candidate seems likely to scare that particular group out of the country.

According to the real estate reality shows I've been watching, you have to pay cash for any house you buy in Mexico. Guess I'll live in a hut if it comes to that. We all know that if you are not already wealthy you do not stand much of a chance of becoming wealthy in today's economy.

How to make quick, easy money ... I don't know any government secrets to sell on the international spy market. I don't have access to any corporate top secret projects to sell on the international black market. I don't possess any long-range missiles or submarines or high-tech airplanes or hand weapons to sell on the international black market for weapons. I can't even design a web page!

I have no ninja-like assassin skills to become an international hit woman (and no desire for such a career.) I can't sing, dance or act so that pushes me off of the career ladder for Memphis, Las Vegas, Broadway or Hollywood big money jobs.

Although I have sold many articles to newspapers and some fiction stories elsewhere as well, any writer will confirm that unless you are Mr. King or Mrs. Rice you won't get rich as a writer.

All jokes aside, the only way someone with no connections and no great talents can get rich in America is to win the lottery, marry a millionaire, sue a tobacco company or have a wealthy relative die and leave you a fortune. I'm out four of four for that one. I never remember to buy lottery tickets, I have no plans to ever remarry, I don't smoke and to my knowledge I have no relatives with any more money (or prospects) than I have.

So, like the rest of the shrinking middle class America still fortunate enough to be employed, I will continue to work and hopefully make enough money to survive the quickly approaching worse-than-it-is-now economy.

Until the next time, friends, remember, nothing changes unless you take action to change it. If you don't like your lifestyle determine what lifestyle you want and do what it takes to achieve it (legally of course -- no bank robbing, fraud or muggings.)

Who knows, maybe you are the candidate who actually could make a difference for America. But you'll have to wait till the next election ... this one already has the ballots printed.

As a voter you will make a difference for better or worse! VOTE!

Nancy Malcom
The Third Cup