Tickets Oct. 23-Nov. 2

Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 23

Kelley D. Eberhard, Nevada, expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

October 25

Colin R. Beriener, Hermann, Mo., speeding 43/30.

Crystal M. Cook, Nevada, speeding 43/30.

Jeremiah D. Ellifrits, Fort Scott, Kan., speeding 41/30.

Dallas K. Kuhl, Nevada, speeding 42/30, no proof of insurance, driving while suspended.

Michael R. Roof, Nevada, peace disturbance-excessive noise.

October 26

Megan L. Davis, Missouri Valley, Iowa, speeding 42/30.

Haley D. Edwards, Nevada, excessive window tint, no proof of insurance.

Michael D. Floyd, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Clinton C. McKinley, Rich Hill, Mo., speeding 42/30.

Samuel L. McNeely, Moundville, Mo., expired license plate.

Erin G. Wayman, Nevada, no license plates, no proof of insurance, expired operators license.

Marvin T. Blurton, Nevada, expired license plate.

Timothy P. Bourassa, Nevada, speeding 46/30.

October 27

Rust R. Lalman, Fort Scott, Kan., speeding 42/30.

James T. Long, Stockton, Mo., speeding 40/30.

October 28

Gage W. Brooks, Nevada, failure to transfer plates.

October 29

Gregory L. Brown, Nevada, speeding 43/30.

Siobhan L. Squires, Columbia, Mo., speeding 43/30, no proof of insurance.

October 30

Amber M. Goodwin, Sheldon, Mo., trespassing.

Avis E. Hauf, Nevada, sale of alcohol to a minor.

Michelle T. Householder, Nevada, sale of alcohol to a minor.

November 1

Richard L. Breiner, Butler, Mo., speeding 43/30.

Juliet J. Ewing, Nevada, speeding 51/30.

Gary Froehlich, Osceola, Mo., no proof of insurance, driving while suspended.

Ashley Goldenbee, Stockton, Mo., speeding 52/30.

Linda M. Lee, Fort Scott, Kan., failure to remain stopped.

Jason R. Litten, Nevada, resisting arrest.

November 2

Carli F. Board, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Nancy R. Davisson, Nevada, following too close, no proof of insurance, driving while intoxicated.

Zachary B. Gilmore, Milo, Mo., no proof of insurance.

Michael D. Hunt, El Dorado Springs, Mo., speeding 30/15.

Brandon N. Ivey, Nevada, speeding 27/15.

Delores M. Mize, Wheatland, Mo., speeding 27/15.

Stephen D. Morgan, Nevada, speeding 30/15.

Nathan A. Taylor, El Dorado Springs, Mo., expired license plate.

Linda R. Walters, Nevada, expired license plate, borrowed/stolen plates, no proof of insurance.