Letter to the Editor

Prayer should start home

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dear Editor:

Whenever there is a school shooting or other tragedy, a lot of people immediately say it is because prayer was taken out of school and should be restored. Without getting into a big discussion on the separation of church and state issue, I will offer my opinion on the true place where prayer should be restored. HOME

Yes, instead of whining about prayer in school, we Christians need to push for prayer to be restored in our homes. How many of us say a blessing over breakfast, lunch or dinner? How many of us pray at the bedside with a young child at night or in the morning? Or pray with an older child or adult child when they have something difficult going on in their lives? And thankfulness too. How many of us even acknowledge a simple thanks to God when we get a check in the mail, an unexpected bonus or raise at work, a bigger than expected tax refund, find some money on the street or other windfall? Or thank God for the simple things like a parking place at the mall, some rain for the flower garden, or a windshield free of frost on a chilly morning?

Most of these school shooters had problems at home. Most of them kill their parents or family members first. This tells us that problems begin at home. So we Christians should push for a little more prayer at home and maybe it will go a long way. If you get prayed up at home or at church, or both, there is no need to worry about some controversial prayer at school that will only stir up more problems.

Have a blessed and safe 2013.


David Shipp

Castro Valley Calif.