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Monday, May 2, 2016

Resolution for 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Resolutions belong to the younger people. Since I am middle age plus I haven't been making that annual promise to myself. I figure that if I have made it to this age without changing my life-style, eating less, etc., or whatever a resolution might ask of me, there is no real reason to fret about it. If I had been only 70 or so, that would be different. There would have been lots of time to be a better person.

But I got on the Internet and found out that I will live until October 13, 2023. Hey, that gives me 10 more years to do something different. In 10 years I couldn't become a raving beauty, but I might get rid of the under arm flab, or improve my neckline.

So I decided to start an exercise regime. I got a program from the Internet and decided that if I had only 10 years, I shouldn't go too slow, but start right in. So on January 1. I began the day with sit-ups. I sat up in the bed, then I sat up on the bed while I put on my slippers.

Then I decided it was time to do my push-ups. I pushed up on the mattress to help me stand up on my new Christmas slippers. They felt different somehow but I had to hurry on since I was realizing that the program called for me to do short sprints or dashes, I knew immediately that this was the time to start that so I dashed into the bathroom real quick. I was sure that I would repeat this exercise many times during the day, and even into the night!

My morning bath ended with another exercise. I did pull-ups from the security bar by the tub to help me lift myself to my feet. Next began the deep knee bends. There is no good way to dry your feet without this exercise. I even added my own twist to it by doing the deep knee bends while still holding onto the security bar by the tub. You see I was really getting into this new program and thought that adding my own personalized approach would add to the effect.

Eating breakfast gave me more opportunities for exercise. Flexibility movements to tighten those pesky neck muscles were easy to perform as I kept turning my head down sharply to see what I had dropped onto my clothing from those new perforated spoons that seem to be everywhere now. To alternate that movement I did the backward head motion as I tried to read the Nevada Daily Mail through the bottom of my bifocal eyeglasses.

Now it was time for weight lifting. I carried the dishes to the sink and then lifted the new gallon jug of milk to put it back in the refrigerator. Milk is getting heavier now, have you noticed?

I remembered that deep breathing was an essential part of this program. That was easy to do after I picked up the napkin I had dropped on the floor and then noticed all the Cheerios under the table that I should pick up before they got crushed under our feet and would require deeper cleaning methods.

I sat down in the lounge chair to do that deep breathing and to review my progress in the new program. It was only 8 o'clock and I had already completed most of the exercises in the program. That pleased me, because I realized that I could, and probably would, repeat this procedure most mornings. No telling how much improvement this would bring after a year.

There was one remaining movement that I had neglected to do. Leg lifts had been omitted. No problem! Without leaving the chair I could perform that easily. It was good that I did because when that was performed in connection with the neck flexibility movements I noticed that the reason I had been awkward this morning was that I had my new slippers on the wrong feet.

Carolyn Gray Thornton
Middle Age Plus