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Thursday, Mar. 23, 2017

2012: time to review

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hi neighbors. Did someone leave the door open? Wow! Talk about cold. If you know the expression "three dog night" we have had some 10 dog nights this week.

I suppose that gave us more time to sit around and ponder the coming year; and to review the past year. While you're wrapped up in your blanket, sipping hot coffee in your easy chair, think back on the last twelve months. What do you remember most about 2012?

How many of you had babies born into your family? Whether your own child or your grandchild, hearing about a birth or adoption is usually the big news of any year.

How many families were touched by death this year? Take a few minutes and remember that person gone from the family circle. What do you remember most about them? How did their life affect your life?

Did everyone stay healthy this year in your circle of friends and loved ones? How many were ill, involved in serious accidents, had some "close calls" or had surgery? Who do you know whose life was changed forever this year because of health issues? How many developed diseases?

On the better side of things, how many people do you know that got married this year? Who got a new job or a promotion at work?

Since the 24-hour day has as many hours of darkness and light; how many couples do you know who have broken up or gotten a divorce?

How many of us moved to a new location? Or to a new home or a new lifestyle situation? How many started college? Or graduated college?

The news is filled with world-wide and national events that happened in 2012. But I like to remember the years of my life by recalling the milestones in the lives of people I know.

I think when most of us are asked to remember the events of a particular year or month, we first think of someone close to us and expand those memories to include the world in general.

Why don't we all take a little time and try to remember 2012 as the year of our family and friends. Can you start in January and list things that happened to your own family?

And what about the New Year? How can we avoid repeating any of the mistakes, misjudgments and misunderstandings of 2012? How can we advance our own goals in 2013? Can we define our goals?

Maybe we should list some goals for each month starting with this one, for the entire year of 2013. If we compare 2012 and 2013, we should see ourselves making solid plans for improvements in 2013. Well, at least we'll have something to shoot for.

I guess we need to plan on getting through January without freezing to death first.

January is an important month for all of us. Not because it is the bridge between 2012 and 2013; but because it is also the opening door to an entire year's worth of opportunities!

Until the next time, friends, remember that although we must all live in the present, it is only through revisiting our past that we can evolve our futures.

Nancy Malcom
The Third Cup