Sports schedules now created by students

Friday, January 18, 2013
Pam Earnest with Kelly Kristok who created the winning design for the Nevada High School winter sports schedule. Kristock, who likes photography, was presented with a camera for creating the winning desgn.

Nevada Daily Mail

If you have seen one of the Nevada High School's winter sports schedule recently, you will have noticed a significant change in appearance. What you will not have noticed, unless you are one of the businesses contacted to sponsor the schedule, is that the schedules are no longer being produced by an out-of-town company.

Nevada athletic director Kevin McKinley made the decision earlier this year to change from contracting with an outside firm, to having the Nevada High School students and staff come up with a new design, sell the product to its sponsors, and this year contract with the Nevada Daily Mail to print it.

Now, all of the money collected goes toward the purchase of program related items for the Nevada R-5 basketball and football cheerleading squads, while also benefiting the Nevada R-5 Special Olympics program.

"I want the community to realize what all is being gained by doing it this way," Pam Earnest, NHS occupational readiness teacher and cheerleader coach, said.

This change not only keeps the money from the schedule in Nevada, it also provides additional benefits to the students involved by providing a great teaching and learning opportunity for the teachers and students, said Earnest.

The high school cheerleaders do the legwork of contacting the sponsors for the schedules. Then three high school classes go to work.

The special education students in Pam Earnest's occupational readiness class track the donations, find a printer for the schedule and budget for the schedules.

"I did the computer work this year. Next year I want my kids to do the computer work and be more involved in the process," Earnest said.

"This is more hands-on. They can see where it applies to real life situations," she said.

"They made out the deposit slips for the checking account the money went in. They did all that," she said.

Learning these kinds of skills make them more job ready.

Then Amyl Bishop's publishing class designed the schedule and when a design was selected Deb Zoglmann's prepared the schedule for printing.

The students in the publishing class submitted designs for the schedule, with Nevada senior Kelly Kristok submitting the winning design.

"Kelly did a really good job. She brought in four different layouts," Earnest said.

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