There's plenty to do in our communities, county

Saturday, January 26, 2013

One of the more common refrains in any community is "there's nothing to do."

I always find myself commenting with a "really?"

In any given weekend, there are so many activities in our town and in our county that it's hard to count.

The pages in the Nevada Daily Mail, Nevada the Magazine, and the Nevada News, along with our Web site at are full of events, both upcoming and recently past, hosted by our chamber, our cities, county, civic clubs, churches, various community organizations, and assorted non-profits.

Interesting sites and events from all over the county, for visitors and newcomers to those who have lived here for generations, comprise our pages.

In addition, we're home to a number of historic and unique attractions, museums, shops, stores, buildings and facilities that can't be found elsewhere.

In any given weekend there are also youth and family activities, and sports and recreational events.

Most every community has similar happenings. But those in our hometown and in our county give us an opportunity to meet and greet with our neighbors, family and friends.

And let's not forget the fund-raisers for this club or this activity and the shopping available at all the varied and unique places we have in our area.

In short, there's more than enough to do. And one doesn't have to look very hard either.

To paraphrase a noted Russian comic, "What a community!"