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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Always something to celebrate

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hi neighbors. Another February is upon us and with it another Groundhog Day. Groundhogs are difficult to observe, being the shy little creatures they are, so I have decided to watch for a squirrel to see his shadow.

Squirrels, however, move so fast it might be hard to determine if they saw their shadow or not. If you look twice you may see two different results. Maybe I'll just watch my Christmas cactus to see if it has a shadow or not this Saturday. There are Groundhog Day events on television of course.

Between television and computers, there is little that goes on in the world that people can't find out about.

Google Earth has a program where you can virtually walk down the street of almost any place in the United States. I don't know about other countries. I enjoy "walking" around my old elementary school in Kansas. It looks the same, but there are no houses and no children around it.

February has something special to celebrate almost every day. One thing you might want to look into is Pride in Food Service Week starting next Monday. Most of us think that refers to large businesses; but it can be applied to anyone anywhere.

For instance, if you eat out next week, be sure to leave a tip for the cook, as well as for the waiter or waitress.

And how about those young folks at the drive-through? They deserve a "good job" comment even if they can't accept tips. Even if they get the order wrong -- they did try to do a good job didn't they? Have a heart. Let them have some pride in their work. Some are still in high school trying to juggle work, homework, band, sports and other obligations all at once. They can use an encouraging word.

Look around and see others who are in the food service business. Have you thought of the butcher at the local grocery store? They get the meat ready for those hamburgers and hot dogs you buy at the drive-throughs.

And it's not just the meat and 'tatter crew. Don't forget the ones who put the little curly top on the ice cream cones. Ice cream is one of the major food groups in my diet. Making a perfect banana split warrants a lot of pride, don't you agree? It's not as easy as you may think. I know I did my share of malt making in my younger days as a waitress.

I don't think I'd make it as a waitress these days. Not that I don't have the pride -- I just don't have the ankles for it any more.

Who else provides and thus serves us food? How about those guys and gals who restock the concession machines? Often the only oasis for a worker at a job with no cafeteria available; a pack of chips and a candy bar might be their only hope for survival for the last four hours of their shift.

Of course it ultimately comes down to the farmer who works all year to put food on our tables. Thank you farmers!

Most of us have pleasant memories of our first food server -- Mom! Now, you are all thinking of a picture of your mother bringing your favorite dish to the table. Yum-yum!

I recently rediscovered my mother's method of making vinegar pie. What a great childhood memory! And it tastes as good as I remember it did.

Until the next time friends, remember those who feed you -- and don't bite their hands with a complaint! Instead, give them a kind word of appreciation.

Nancy Malcom
The Third Cup