Letter to the Editor

Dogs and their owners need to be able to exercise in the parks

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on the articles concerning the recommendation of leash laws in our parks. As an owner of a dog I would like the city and parks board to know that I utilize the parks as a place to let my dog exercise after a day of being kenneled.

My dog is the one that Ms. Daughtery is accusing of attacking her and her dog. I admit that my dog did run to her and her dogs while she was running. However, Ms. Daughtery was not aware of her surroundings. She assumed because she lives in the development adjacent to Marmaduke Park she did not need to double check who/what animals were occupying the park at the time she wanted to run. I questioned Ms. Daughtery, after she was yelling at me that my dog attacked her dog, "did my dog really attack you or your dogs?" and she answered "No." After checking with the Nevada Police Department and finding out there have been no reports of an attack on a person or dog, I have to ask was she scared or just exaggerating to get a leash law in the parks?

My dog and I go at least 5-6 times a week to Marmaduke Park and stay 30 to 45 minutes. When my dog is exercising in the park, I am in constant supervision of him. I keep his leash and treats with me at all times. I agree with Mr. Post that no matter how well trained your dog is, they are still a dog. The simplest movement can distract them in an instant.

In the year that I have been taking my dog to Marmaduke Park I have never seen an animal tied to the playground equipment. So I question where that comment comes from. Was that an example or does it actually happen?

To lose time that owners spend with their dog at the parks would be devastating to both owner and pet. Letting them run for a short period of time is healthy for the dog. Most dogs are caged, tied to a chain or in a kennel all day. Their only saving grace is to be able to run free for a short period of time each evening. Expecting a dog to be on a leash 24/7 is cruel to the animal. How does anyone expect an owner to play catch or Frisbee with their dog on a leash?

There is a common courtesy among those of us that drive to Marmaduke Park so our dogs can exercise. Those of us who drive out to Marmaduke Park are aware of others already there. We communicate between each other so that our dogs can exercise without confrontation.

Like I said before, I go to Marmaduke Park 5-6 times a week and rarely see people out there. So I wonder how often do the city council and/or parks board members go to the parks to enjoy the facilities as much as my dog and I do?

Paige Ellis