Schell singers to perform at Chief's game

Friday, September 20, 2013
Joanna, Jordan and Erika Coleman, of Schell City, perform as Shotgun & Lace. Submitted photo,

Nevada Daily Mail

Schell City's Joanna, Erika and Jordan Coleman, the trio Shotgun & Lace, will perform "The National Anthem" at the Arrowhead Chiefs game in Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 20.

The Colemans specialize in harmonizing with Erika, 16, singing high notes, Jordan, 27, singing low, and Joanna, 19, singing middle-ranged alto. The sisters also play fiddle.

"Music is my God-given art form. To me, it is the greatest, most powerful one," Joanna said. "With simply a beautiful melody or lyric, one can touch thousands of hearts and bring tears of joy or tears of sorrow, even sometimes simultaneously. It is all too often the only friend a person may have. Music is how I make a difference; it's how I connect with those listening. Whether it be through my violin, or my voice, nothing brings me more joy than brightening at least one person's outlook on life through my music."

"What I love about performing and entertaining people is watching our music create a swelling of emotions to our fans who are feeling our energy and enthusiasm," Jordan said. "I enjoy watching them rock out with their heads bopping on one song and then bringing them to tears on the next song. Good music does that. Harmony does that."

"What I love most about performing in general is seeing the happiness on everyone's faces when my sibling's and I are on stage," Erika said. "It brings so much joy to my heart knowing I can please people by doing what has always been a dream of mine and able to do what we do together as a family has just been amazing!"

Growing up in a family of nine siblings, all with musical talent, the three learned to sing at an early age.

The trio sang the anthem at the Schell City Fall Festival and will perform at Stockton Walnut Festival Sept. 27 and 28.

Shotgun and Lace plan to perform in Wheatland, Sept. 28, Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 3, Kearney, Neb., Oct. 4 and 5, Forest City, Oct. 6, and Sparta, Oct. 19.

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