Schell City Elementary gets school zone

Friday, November 8, 2013
Aldermen Quentin Goodman, left, and James Conwell, listen to the duscussion abiout the broken hydrant problem in Schell City at the board meeting Wednesday. Photo by Gloria Tucker/Daily Mail

Nevada Daily Mail

Drivers in Schell City will have a reminder to slow down around the Northeast Vernon County Elementary School.

The Schell City Board of Aldermen voted 3-0 to approve an amendment to the street ordinance to mark and post the school zone 20 miles per hour at its meeting Wednesday. The new speed signs have been purchased, but not yet posted.

Mayor Tom Haddix signs the amendment marking Schell City elementary as a school zone at the Schell City Board of Aldermen meeting Wednesday.

"The zone will start from River Road and 3rd Street east to Hickory Street and south to AA Highway," Clerk Sharon Sanderson said.

In other business, Sanderson asked the aldermen if she could hire a repairman to fix the city's four broken hydrants.

"It's going to cost more than $1,000," Sanderson said. "Two of the hydrants would have to be completely redone."

Alderman Jean Watson stressed the repairs need to be done.

"They're leaking," Sanderson said. "The fire department can't use them."

The aldermen voted 3-0 to contract for the repairs.

The business T and T requested the aldermen allow removal of a broken sidewalk on its property for insurance purposes.

The aldermen agreed the sidewalk belonged to T and T, not the city, and the business should proceed with removal.

Sanderson read the aldermen a list of residents who had not paid their water bills for two months. The aldermen decided to shut off the water to all unpaid customers in accordance with city policy.

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