Letter to the Editor

National security best served by protecting southern border

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dear Editor:

In reference to Richard Carpenter's Nov. 1 submission entitled, "License to Kill Is Sometimes Needed," in the opinion section of the Nevada Daily Mail, I have a thought or two I would like to offer.

The letter was interesting and thought-provoking and I may have been inclined to agree with its many points if it weren't for some glaring discrepancies with regard to this nation's current government administration and its policies on spying.

If the practice of spying on other countries was based on concern for our own "national security," as Mr. Carpenter says it is, wouldn't it stand to reason that our borders to the south would have been secured long ago?

A huge flood of illegal aliens has been sneaking across for years without as much as a peep from our government. Along with these illegal invaders has come a third-world mindset and an onslaught of brutally dangerous drug cartels and terrorists along with the rest of the criminal element that accompanies the same.

This country is now crawling with gang violence. Crime of every type has inundated the southwestern border states in particular, wreaking havoc on our welfare system ... food stamps, Medicaid, etc., and guess what? ... our "spying" government has not so much as lifted a finger to put a stop to it. Do they really care about our "national security?"

Our borders could easily have been secured years ago. Our current administration has not only done nothing to stop this flood, it has encouraged it and plots night and day for a ways and means of awarding these "illegals" legal status, all at the expense of taxpaying American citizens who have made clear they want it stopped.

They've even gone out of their way to punish and ostracize those who have worked tirelessly to protect American citizens from this invasion while rewarding the criminal invaders. Our government even placed U.S. firearms in the hands of the drug cartels which cost at least one of our own young border patrol agents his life.

Add to this, a tireless determination of seeking ways of placing new restrictions upon the SecondAmendment rights of the law-abiding U.S. citizen. In essence, giving guns to the enemy while attempting to take them from citizens.

The "friendly" nations Mr. Carpenter speaks of that our country is currently spying on are the least of our worries at this point in time. They're no competition to the iminent and obvious threat that continues to the south of us.

This country's administration has become adept at making enemies of potential allies while bowing to our obvious enemies. I have difficulty believing this administration has any concern at all for the welfare of this country's legal, law-abiding citizens.

Wouldn't you agree that their current spying practices are akin to the "blind guides who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel?" Matt. 23:24

Laurel Vance