Letter to the Editor

Thanks for putting history of State Hospital together

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dear Editor:


I recently bought and just finished reading the book on the history of the Nevada State Hospital No. 3. I was so impressed.

We have lived in the vicinity of the hospital, off and on since 1968, when the hospital was a self-sustaining farm. The workers and clients all worked together to keep the animals, gardens, and fruit trees and flowers growing to produce food and beauty for this small village. Then changes came again. Some good, some not so good, but that's progress. My thanks to those who dreamed up the book, to those who gathered the total history, to those who wrote their personal stories of life within the facility, to the ghost stories and the recipes, it was a delightful read.

It is a beautiful informative book on quality paper with a beautiful hardback cover. Thanks to all those who brought this book to completion. It really did need to be written to complete the history of Nevada.

Name withheld on request