Letter to the Editor

Dancing with our Stars is huge success thanks to community-wide support

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Nevada R-5 Relay for Life team, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the community of Nevada, for helping to make the first Dancing with Our Stars a huge success. Amazingly, the tickets sold in advance were a "sell out" in the new Ella Maxwell Center for the Performing Arts.

Together with Vernon County Cancer Relief's lasagna meal and DWOS, the group raised $9,394.53. This money will be split 50/50 between the two organizations. What a great way to support cancer research and also give to the patients right here in Vernon County.

The dancers for the evening spent many hours in advance to prepare their dances. They had the toughest job of all, but their hard work was enjoyed by many.

With great appreciation, I would like to thank the following dancers: Dr. Erik and Staci Andersen (and kids), Seth and Jill Barrett, Jason and Ashley Blight, Abraham and Kathy Botha, Shawn and Renee Jones, Gary and Jeanette Hawkins (and backup dancers), Ed and Connie Oyer, Monty and Peggy Smith, and Tim Wilson and Jama Bogart. Many of the dancers received help from choreographers.

The following students assisted with the choreography: Carly Greer, Nick Geeding, Stephanie Bogart, Suni Aguilar, Rachelle Magsam, Riley Gordon, Sandra Musonza, and Alyx Hawkins.

Not only did RFL and VCCR benefit from the event, but there were many charities involved as well. With help from the audience, $13,385.13 was raised. The charities which were represented included the American Red Cross, Birthright of Nevada, the Children's Center, Children's Miracle Network, Community Outreach, Nevada Regional Medical Center Foundation, On My Own for Autism Spectrum Awareness, People for Pets, and the Vernon County Senior Center.

The publicity was greatly appreciated. Ticket sales were enhanced by easy accessibility with help from local businesses in Nevada.

As stunning as ever, Brent and Lori Bartlett emceed the performance. Other essential members included Wes Morton, Kristy Beshore, Cindy Satterfield, Sandy Gilmore, and Traci Cliffman (co-coordinators); VCCR; Tresa Maneval, Erin Townsend, and Mike Turnbull (judges); Nevada High School custodial staff, Nevada R-5 administration, Stand up to Cancer students (served the meal); the Eighth Grade Computer Publications Class (designing and printing the posters); NHS Soundsational Singers (performance) and Treble Effect (ushers); NHS ROTC; Shane (sound and lights), backstage crew, and Bryan Wilson (curtain); Tom and Pete Schmidt (filming/DVDs); Belynda Davenport, money counters, community food volunteers, Renee Ast and Lula (programs), Truman School secretaries, trophy donors, Joy Hawks, Ranea Schulze, and Bonnie Franklin.

Each person played a role in the success of the event: Kristy Beshore, Cindy Satterfield, Sandy Gilmore, Audra Doak, Tearl Edwards, Erin Morris, Deidre Bruce, Christen Diehl, Tammy Hendren, Janet Mather, Kelly Hardin, Lisa Chaplin, Marcy Fischer, Heather Rogers, and Charolette Turner.

Again, your support was over the top and we hope to bring you a 2015 Dancing with Our Stars! What a successful evening of fundraising with a total amount of $22,779.66!

Thank you to all for this huge team effort!

Amy Ast and the Nevada R-5 RFL team members