Nevada police officer trained as Crises Intervention Team member

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A local law enforcement officer has completed an intensive week of training and has become the most recent member of the Nevada/ Vernon County Crises Intervention Team (CIT).

Nevada Police Officer Amber Williamson attended a week long training session held in Kansas City, Mo. The officer successfully completed the course of instruction on June 27th and graduated from the Mid-America Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training program.

This new CIT Officer will join an existing team of Nevada-area Law Enforcement Officers who were previously trained in CIT concepts and techniques. Officer Williamson will become a member of the CIT Coordinating Council consisting of several community partners focused on serving the entire area in a more efficient manner.

Police Chief Graham Burnley states, "I'm very pleased in the progress we are making in our CIT program. This Police Officer was trained by career field experts in CIT techniques, which I believe is improving the level of competence in responding to a person in crises. We have seen great improvements in our response to mental health issues in our community."

The CIT Course is forty hours of classroom and field training. The course includes instruction in the following topics: overview of mental illness, medication management and identification; de-escalation techniques; steps to prevent suicide; family and consumer panels; site visits; and cultural diversity.

Upon graduation, the officers are awarded a special uniform insignia which designates them as specially trained. This method of identification often helps alleviate anxiety on the part of the consumer and their family during a crises situation.

For more information about CIT, contact Nevada Police Officer Patrick Deao at 417-448-5100.