Mid-Continent Library trip

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hi neighbors.

I had an excellent adventure this past week. A friend of mine who is currently celebrating a vacation and I finally made our long-anticipated trip to Independence to visit the Mid-Continent Genealogical Library.

She knew the way, at least most of the way, and we had a minimal amount of trouble finding the library. Of course, we did have some "circling of the block" a time or two, but nothing too discouraging.

If you have any interest in genealogy you must visit the Mid-Continent Genealogical Library! There is so much "stuff"!

I had been told years ago to prepare before the trip to have only one or two definite goals in mind before you go.

I had limited myself to checking tax listings on one family, during one decade, in one county in Tennessee. There were almost 30 books to go through specific to that time frame, names and tax rolls! I'm glad I had limited my expectations since we only had two to three hours to spend there.

Our next visit will include, at least for me, the "family history" section. Oh, boy! I can't wait! It will be a lot faster and probably more efficient than a trip to Tennessee -- although I still want to do that.

The trip and research made it apparent to me, due to the lack of appearances on the tax lists of my particular family name, that the family oral tradition might be wrong as far as county of origin in Tennessee.

So now I must expand my search to the other branches of the family and other counties in Tennessee. I did discover why they were joined with the other branch of the family in Greene County, Tenn. That county held the way to one of the few mountain passes from there to Missouri when the Native Americans were moved out and land became available to white settlers.

The next day, still afire with the genealogist fever, I went to our own library here in Nevada to find that everything had been moved from the little room it was once all in to two larger rooms in the back of the building.

I asked a gentleman who was also doing research in one of the rooms how long it had been that way and he said more than a couple of years. It seems that working full time has kept me home bound far too long.

My future daughter-in-law and I perused the shelves and found most of what I remembered being in the older location and a few new books on the shelves as well. After a few minutes of trailing me around, she lost interest (ah, the young!) and decided to go enjoy her new library card by looking up wedding dress styles on the Internet. I was left alone in the midst of old volumes of dates, tax lists, military service reports and immigration patterns. In short, I was right where I wanted to be.

I found some good information there, as usual. I am always impressed with the genealogy information available right here in our own town.

Of course it is only a matter of time before more mysteries are solved and more appear. That's what genealogy is all about. Maybe that's why I enjoy genealogy so much.

Until the next time friends, remember the history of your own family has always been influenced by the history being made where they lived.

Looking into the past is so much more fun than trying to look into the future.

I wish I could find a crystal ball that showed my great-great grandfather's parents.

Ah well, that would make me miss the fun of the hunt!