Letter to the Editor

An important member of the community

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dear Editor:

You know, I would really like for folks of the community to know just how very hard my boss, Marye Sanderson, works for them to help keep their lights, gas and propane going.

She will be walking out the door to go to one of her various meetings she is involved in and someone will come in, having no appointment, which they are supposed to have, and Mrs. Marye will set aside her wants and needs to help the person.

This community will never find a more humble, gracious, compassionate or caring person as Marye, and I trust they will appreciate her like I do.

I believe she deserves special recognition from the community for her 44 years of service to helping the folks of Vernon County.

She is involved in many of the school programs as well as helping folks get their GED, winterize their home, the vision program -- too many programs to mention.

Is she a busy lady?

Heaven yes, and she ALWAYS has a kind word and super smile on her face. She is quite a special lady and Vernon County needs to know how important she is to the community.

Corinne Bender