Letter to the Editor

Memorial needed in Nevada for veterans of all branches of military

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Editor:

After visiting my hometown and home region the past five weeks, I noticed something that Nevada is lacking... a real nice state of the art memorial to veterans.

Many area towns, like Adrian, Butler, Lamar, Fort Scott and others have really neat monuments and markers to war heroes and people who served in the Armed Forces.

Granted, the monument in the northeast corner of the Vernon County courthouse yard is nice, but it is older and probably will fade soon (the names on it).

I am no fan of war, in fact I detest it when our country intervenes in some remote outpost. But we still need to honor the men and women who served, even those who did so in unpopular or unnecessary wars.

Hopefully someone in Nevada will find the time, effort and money to get a nice memorial or series of memorials to the veterans of all branches of our Armed Services.


David Shipp