Letter to the Editor

NRMC Gala: Mystery Masquerade

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dear Editor:

The Nevada Regional Medical Center Foundation Office would like to apologize for the concern that has been voiced over the use of Asylum in our 2014 Gala event. We are listening to our community and as of today have removed the name Ash Street Asylum and will be referring to our 2014 Gala event as the Ash Street Haunted Hospital Murder Mystery Masquerade.

It was never our intent to make light of mental illness and the individuals who suffer with this each and every day. There have been many great strides in the treatment of mental illness and to alleviate the stigma that is usually associated with this illness.

We are very fortunate to have facilities in our community that are state of the art and treat not only the illness but the individual with compassion and respect.

Thank you for your comments and for bringing this to our attention. It is always good to hear from the community. If you have any other issues, please feel free to call the Foundation Office at 417-448-3620.

Judith Herstein

Director, Community Relations/Foundation