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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hi neighbors. Although the weather is cold and maybe a little icy now and then, there is a lot to see if you get out and about this coming week.

Tonight at Cottey College enjoy "Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe" presented by the Cottey College Theatre Department. It is in the Haidee and Allen Wild Center for the Arts auditorium. Also featured is a costume contest for the best Steampunk contest; so attendees are encouraged to dress up.

Now I will confess that being not so much trendy and bohemian and generally dressing less glamorous and more comfortable: I had no idea what steampunk meant. Good ole Google explained in detail that it referred to clothing of the steam era ... generally speaking the 1800s.

Although I will say I am happy that we old dogs can learn new words, I for one, do not learn new tricks easily and although I am a fan of most things Victorian, I draw the line instead of the cinches on corsets. No whales will die and surrender their bones in the making of any corset for me.

On Wednesday, the 25th, from noon to 1 p.m., is the second meeting of minds at the Art Fair located in the Art Shop, at 104 E. Cherry. The Art Shop is owned and operated by Andrew McNair who has graciously invited all creative minded people to meet and share.

I particularly enjoy this aspect of creativity -- recognizing the same creative spark in people involved in the expression or appreciation of all the arts: music, literature, photography, acting, poetry, song writing, painting, sketching, sewing, film making, cooking, quilting, crafting, etc., and then realizing that all the arts are truly dependent on each other for full expression.

When we first got together and discussed the diversity of "art" we recognized that there are many, many people in this area who are creative; whether they are currently recognized for their art or not. Some may not even recognize their talents and what they do as actually being an art form.

The meetings are informal, and allow people to discuss their art, share their art and revive and inspire within each of them that creative muse that inspires all artists. I certainly hope to see you there!

Another occasion to share your art or your appreciation of it, is going to be held Thursday night at the Common Ground Coffee Co., in Fort Scott, Kan., starting at 7 p.m. The place is located at 116 S. Main, in Fort Scott. With a name that includes "coffee' it has good vibes for me already!

The two I know who will be there are David Moses with Nevada's own Dangerous Doug Harper offering up some new tunes and old with some resonator and mandolin jams. This event is offered free to the public. Of course, other bands and/or musicians may be expected to drop in as well.

Dangerous Doug has a blog on the Nevada Daily Mail website and he features information about local creative folks. It is always worth a read so check out his blog! Go to www.nevadadailymail.com, then click on "blogs" and select him by name. Thanks, Doug, for keeping art and artists in the know and inspired here in Nevada and throughout the county!

Don't forget you can always read this column online as well. Go to the newspaper website listed above, click on "opinion" then click on "The Third Cup." You can leave a comment below the column and I will respond if you leave contact information.

Also, if you know of any other diversity of arts people or groups that you would like to see get a little more attention or recognition, please let me know! You can leave letters or notes at the newspaper office, or email me at nancymalcom@sbcglobal.net.

Until the next time friends, remember, we are all artists, whether we create paintings that are recognized worldwide, or if we sing our babies to sleep with a lullaby. Enjoy your talent and do us all a favor and share!