Letter to the Editor

All of today's immigrants need to embrace our flag

Friday, April 3, 2015

Dear Editor:

After reading the article written by Jason Mosher, Wake up America, I think he is right.

Didn't all of our relatives and friends die in a war to keep our America free -- RED, WHITE, and BLUE, with an American flag to represent all this sacrifice and freedom?

Now every Red -- Yellow -- Black or White person from every country in the world who comes to America where they see freedom tries to change everything the American flag stands for.

The leaders in America are squabbling over minor things instead of protecting the RED -- WHITE -- BLUE American flag. We have freedom of speech, but who's speech are we trying to keep?

Are all of the people that gather to protest -- are they hard-working people or are they on welfare paid by the American workingman?

Wake up America. Thank God every day for this freedom our service men and women gave their lives for. How long do you think God is going to allow this to happen? Not very many Red -- Yellow -- Black -- White residents of America are thanking God for this freedom.

Dorothy Jones