Bronaugh aldermen fill open seat

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nevada Daily Mail

In their monthly meeting Monday, the Bronaugh board of aldermen unanimously appointed Rachel Jones to the vacant seat on the board.

"I think she will be a real asset to the city council and I am anxious to work with Rachel," Mayor Sherry Brown said.

Jones graduated from Bronaugh High School and lives there with her husband Jesse and their two children.

The position had been open since former alderperson Kelsey Ray announced her resignation at the May meeting because her family had moved outside the city limits, making her ineligible to be on the board.

Brown said she would meet with Jones in upcoming weeks to further explain her responsibility as a member of the board. Jones was unable to attend the entire meeting Monday evening because of a conflict.

The board also discussed actions to be taken concerning a burned building in the city limits that needs to be removed because of its hazardous nature.

Brown said the owner of the property offered to sell the lot, located near the city's well, to the city at almost any price, passing the responsibility of removing the building on to the city of Bronaugh. But the aldermen decided they will not accept that offer.

"We don't need it," alderman Terry Fleener said of the lot. "I don't think we need to mess with it if we don't have to."

Fleener said removing the building could cost about $3,000 since they cannot bury it because of its location in relation to the well.

"It costs more to remove it than what the property's worth," Gary Loudermilk said.

The board members also discussed whether what is left of the building could be used by the volunteer fire department for training, but said they did not believe that was permitted any longer.

The board will notify the owners that they will have to take the necessary steps to remove the building and make it compliant with city codes.

The aldermen also received an update on the Internet services the city will receive from InetVisions, which will place a wireless access node at the top of the city's water tower. The process was scheduled to begin Tuesday.

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