Letter to the Editor

Nevada football players need to be trusted by the coaches

Friday, September 4, 2015

Dear Editor:

The Nevada Tigers vs the Kansas City Yellowjackets. Where does one begin? First, I have nothing but respect for those boys; they fought their hearts out. Yes, they were out manned at every position. But they never gave up. Much respect to those Tigers. But what were those coaches thinking? They set those boys up for failure! The running game was never established all game. Those running backs were unable to get anything started. Coming out 31-0 at half time you keep running the ball? Give the boys a chance to win! Throw the ball! After the big 40-yard completion, the boys were so excited, they were believing. And they just decided to keep running the ball, which was going nowhere. If you're going to lose, then lose. But give those boys a fighting chance.

It looked like the coach accepted defeat, tucked his tail between his legs. As NHS alumni, fans, and supporters, those players and us deserve better than that. The head coach needs to trust his players. Not throwing the ball in obvious situations, when the running game was missing all night, showed me and about 20 alumni that watched the game and talked about it, that no trust was shown by the coaches for the players and that is not acceptable.

A concerned Nevada football alumni

Brian Tipton