NRMC board discusses workforce issues

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
From left to right, Mike Harbor, Interim Chief Financial Officer; Jeff Hill, vice president of Quorum Health Resources; and Cory Vokoun, Chief Nursing Officer listen to reports during the NRMC Board of Directors meeting. Noah Jones/Daily Mail

Nevada Daily Mail

The Nevada Regional Medical Center Board of Directors held its monthly meeting, discussing the workforce committee report, the rise of consumerism in health care and two agenda items.

Heather Brockmeyer, administrative officer at NRMC, led the workforce committee presentation about recruitment, and health insurance savings.

Brockmeyer touched on performance raise increases and how performance based raises went into effect Aug. 1, 2015. She said the Workforce's goals are being established to allow each staff member to meet the organizational for long term care (Barone Alzheimer's Care Center and Moore-Few Care Center) and the Medical Center to reach the goals set for 2016. She told the board the staff appreciated the raises.

"Everybody has to pay their bills, so that's been a very positive thing," she said.

Brockmeyer told the board, health insurance and benefit costs for the hospital were below the budgeted expenditure.

"We are pleased that if we look at our benefits, we had a report done for 2015 Freeman costs saying in 2016, we would have a savings of $77,769," she said.

The report was done to analyze savings the medical center could expect for 2016, and showed NRMC could expect an increased 10 percent discount.

"So that worked to get a direct agreement with Freeman as far as our health insurance plan is going to directly benefit both the hospital and the long term care because it drives the business," Brockmeyer said. "If we can't keep it here, then it goes out there, and it doesn't go towards savings and we don't get the discount."

She also told the board the workforce committee was excited to learn the overall health insurance costs were below budget expectations, running $437,011 under budget.

"Recruitment continues to present challenges," read a document distributed to those at the meeting. "From the entry level to the physicians, we are working to fill many vacancies at this time."

Board chairman Steve Russ, shared literature with the board during the meeting. He went over a document about the rise of consumerism, and how there have been an increased amount of out-of-pocket costs, higher deductibles and co-payments, making for more active participants in health care.

The Russ discussed the future of health care, telling the board how the hospital must prepare to be flexible in order to keep up with a changing medical care future.

The board discussed new competition for primary care including Wal-Mart and Walgreens. According to a document from Quorum Health Resources, 82 percent of Americans live within a 20-minute drive of a Walgreens, and Wal-Mart has a goal to top the healthcare industry as the number one healthcare provider.

The board unanimously agreed to renew a contract with Sightpath Medical Mobile Cataract Service. The renewal will cost $125,000, but the item was budgeted for $130,000. The city of Nevada will replace sewer lines under the parking lot of the medical center.

"There is no cost; it's just an inconvenience," said board secretary Larry Bledsoe.

The next NRMC Board of Directors meeting will be Feb. 23.

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