Tigers collect powerlifting championships

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Nevada Tigers flexed their muscle at the recent Missouri State Powerlifting meet at Springfield's Glendale High School.

According to NHS coach Erik Yoakam, Nevada's Carsten Warner and Lauren Radspinner won state championships in their respective weight classes, while Chaden Brandt and Sammy Gundy notched runner-up finishes.

NHS boys results

* Jaren Powrie, 145 pounds, seventh-place overall.

* Chaden Brandt, 195 pounds, second-place overall. Brandt placed first in the deadlift, maxing out at 515 pounds.

* Conner West, 195 pounds, seventh-place overall.

* Zach Gardner, 210 pounds, fifth-place overall. Gardner placed first in squats, squatting 515 pounds.

NHS girls results

* Caylee Crews, 115 pounds, fifth-place overall. Crews placed first in the bench press.

* Sammy Gundy, 125 pounds, state runner-up. Gundy was the first-placewinner in the squat and bench press.

* Hailey Richter, 125 pounds, third-place overall.

* Haiden Richmond, 145 pounds, fourth-place overall.

* Carsten Warner, 155 pounds, state champion.

* Mindy Hendren, 155 pounds, fifth-place overall.

* Sydnee Brandt, 155 pounds, seventh-place overall.

* Lauren Radspinner, 175 pounds, state champion. Radspinner placed first in the bench press and squat.

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